3 Tips to Keep Your Blog Active

It can sometimes be daunting: sitting down at the computer screen with a blog assignment and a critical case of writers’ block. This is when having a well thought out strategy for your blog is just as important as having a strategy for the rest of your business. Here are some tips on how to keep the content coming in your blog.

Come up with a plan.  Create a document with forty or fifty ideas to blog about. You don’t have to use all of them, but having some direction is the best way to start a blogging content strategy. Sitting down with the intention of blogging and having no preconceived idea of what to write about is dangerous. You will find yourself out of ideas very quickly.

Don’t be alone.  Have various team members at your business available to blog. Blogs from different perspectives and areas of expertise create a more diverse, interesting blog. Plus, the weight of the entire blog on one person’s shoulders can become tiresome. Have two or three dedicated bloggers, and hit a wide range of topics.

It’s more than just text.  Don’t think you have to write the next great American novel with every blog post. Create videos with your team members about relevant topics or industry trends. A three minute video can have just as hefty an impact as a well-crafted 1,000 word blog post. Also, breaking blogs down into countdowns or subheadings, much like this post, can also be effective. Choose your words wisely, captivate the fleeting audience.

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