3 Tips to Utilize Data to Improve Direct Mail

One of the biggest ways you can reduce your costs (but also increase your ROI!) is to segment your mailing list. Once you do that, you can then use the following techniques to improve the success of your marketing efforts:

  • Present targeted text and graphics: While segmenting your mailing list, you should be able to identify key attributes of each group. Those attributes might be based on demographics or previous purchasing history. Use that data to tailor the creative and messaging on the direct mail piece specifically to each group. If you want someone to respond to your mailer, you must reach their heart. The right graphics and words may help you accomplish just that.
  • Tailor the call-to-action: While considering the attributes of each group in the mailing list, you must identify what triggers will appeal to your audience. Are they more apt to respond to messages about discounts and limited-time offers? Or, would they be more excited to respond to offers that will give them special treatment or status? Appeal to them properly in the call-to-action, and you should increase the response rate of the effort.
  • Provide multiple response mechanisms: Whether it’s a personalized URL, a QR Code, an SMS short-code, or a Facebook “Like” icon, offer a response mechanism that utilizes more recent technology and channels. However, you must be willing to accept the reality that not everyone on your mailing list is on Facebook, has a smartphone, or wants to see their name in the URL. Thus, increase your chances of success by providing multiple response mechanisms on the mailer.

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