3 Ways to Use A/B Testing

Which one would you choose?  Analyzing data from a campaign helps marketers find ways to make the next marketing effort even better.  One way to execute the “best campaign possible” is to perform A/B Testing on your marketing efforts.

A/B Testing typically involves putting in an extra effort to execute a campaign in order to see what gets the most response!  Here are 3 ideas for A/B Tests that you could run:

Subject Lines
This one can be fairly simple to execute, but it’s not done very often. You might have valuable content in the body of your eNewsletter. But if people don’t open the email after reading the Subject Line, everyone is missing out.

Here’s an idea: Divide your list into two groups.  Send the first half the newsletter with a Subject Line such as “[CompanyName’s] Newsletter”.

Then, send the 2nd half the newsletter with a Subject Line that includes topics from the body of the email. For example, if the articles in your newsletter discuss QR Codes, customer service, and best practices for putting on a webinar, the subject line might be “QR Codes, Customer Service, Best Practices for a Webinar and More”.

After sending out the email, you should then check your reports to see if one Subject Line earned more Opens and Click-throughs than the other.

To Personalize or Not
There are very few people that would discount the effectiveness of one-to-one marketing, but not all attempts at personalization are created equal.

You could try splitting your list into multiple groups, and then delivering a heavily personalized introduction to one group, and then a very general introduction to another.

Another tip to try might be putting a personalized URL on a direct mail piece to one group, and a general URL to another. At the end of the campaign, your reports should tell you if more people responded to one setup vs. the other.

The Giveaway
Every company wants leads. However, what’s really important is receiving qualified leads. People who truly care about your products or services.  On the other hand, you cannot succeed with an empty marketing database! So, from time-to-time, giving away something in exchange for a response may be an effective technique.

You could run an A/B Test to see what works on your target audience.  We know of a paving company that pushed out a direct mail piece, and they split their list into 3 groups.

  • One group received a direct mailer that contained an offer for a gift card to an ice-cream shop.
  • The 2nd group received a direct mailer that contained an offer for a DVD and informational kit on the paving company’s products.
  • The 3rd group received a direct mailer that contained no special offer whatsoever.

Guess who won? Well, in their case, more people replied from the DVD and info kit group.

Are you curious as to how your target audience will respond? There’s only one way to find out…. Start testing!

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