6 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Marketing Efforts

It’s always a good time to make a proverbial clean sweep of your marketing efforts and see what needs to be cleaned up, de-cluttered or re-vamped. (Scheduling something like this once a year can be a great thing).

Here Is Your Marketing Cleaning Checklist:

Dump The Old Stuff
Time to look at your materials, both online and offline. Anything that is old and out of date needs to go. If the material has some merit, then put it to the side and use it to repurpose later after your cleaning efforts are done. But you may be surprised to find old brochures with incorrect contact information. Or web pages that show pictures and details of employees who no longer work for the company. Things like this make it appear as if you don’t pay attention to detail. So it’s imperative that you dump the old and make way for the new.

Scrub Your Social Presence
Spruce up your avatars and cover photos. Make sure all the contact information and other details are current. Then look at the past year’s updates. Determine what the “hits” were and what the “misses” with your audience were. Focus on the content that resonates and as you go over your editorial calendar for the year, make sure you are concentrating on the content that clicks.

Missing Anything?
While you’re working your social media profiles, make sure that you’re not missing another social media platform that would fit in with your goals and your audience. There are many, many social media options out there, and new ones popping up all the time. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to connect with your audience. And thankfully, it’s not like you have to take on additional work beyond setting up your profile. There are services available that allow you to synchronize your tweets, posts and updates so that everything can be scheduled out.

Time It Right
Content is important, but did you know timing is crucial as well? Pull out that editorial calendar again and look at what you have scheduled. Is it too little, too spaced out? Is it too much, information overload? You want to find the sweet spot of staying in front of your audience and being an informational resource, but not being the annoying know-it-all pest.

Check The Search Results
Google is constantly tweaking the way it ranks pages. You should never get complacent about how your business is pulling up on searches. You want to see what’s ranking high and what’s not and figure out the “why” of both.

Do A Little Redecorating
Maybe your website can change up from a 2-column to a 3-column. Maybe some of your online materials are due for a bit of a spruce-up. Taking some time for Marketing Cleaning can help ensure your company stays on track and looks its best. It’s easy to let some of the little things slide, but you want to show your audience that you place high importance on even the smallest of details. A little cleaning goes a long way!

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