7 Similiarities of Dating and Marketing

Have you heard of the metaphor that marketing is like dating? Think about it. When you date someone, you try to look your best, present yourself well and make a good impression. You are trying to find that right fit, the person who will really click with you. In the end, you hope for a long, happy relationship.

In marketing, we present our products and services to our target market. We want to find the right people who will become our clients, who will be the right fit for a long-term relationship.  Here are seven ways to reinterpret dating tactics for marketing:

  1. You know who you want (your target market). You know you have to get their attention. You think about how you will get their attention, how you will keep their attention. Before you implement any kind of marketing campaign, you really have to think about how you will get your message in front of your dream market.
  2. You need to be prepared to commit. Commit to a full-blown marketing plan. Design and implement a marketing campaign. This isn’t time to dip your toes in to test the waters. You need to be ready to really put yourself (your company) out there to prospects. Because if you dive right in without preparation and forethought, then you won’t know what to do when your prospects want to ove to the next level of your relationship.
  3. Look your best! When you market your business to prospects, this is no time to use sloppy copy and junky graphics. Your marketing materials, your website…everything should be in tip-top shape so you can put your best foot forward.
  4. Invest in your marketing campaigns and let your prospects know that you care. Prospects won’t care about marketing messages if you don’t care. Yes, you DO need to spend money on your campaign. Is “cheap” the impression you want to leave in your prospects’ minds?
  5. Let them know you are interested…in many different ways. This is where a multi-touch campaign comes into play. Sure, an email is nice. But what about a quick text? How about a personalized url? Use different ways to communicate your messages to your prospects so things don’t get stale.  Use a social approach.  Use facebook or twitter to let them know more about you or your company
  6. Become a joiner. Join the groups and associations that will present the opportunities to meet your prospects. Yes, a lot of marketing can be done from the seclusion of your office, with the internet as your calling card; eventually, you need to get out there and meet people.
  7. Don’t force chemistry. Sometimes, feelings take longer to develop. You can’t (and shouldn’t) rush a good thing. If the connection with your prospect seems to be on shaky ground, then take a step back and re-evaluate.

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