Are Your Committed to Your Big Data?

When you’re dating, there is still this sense of the noncommittal. You can say “Yeah, we’re committed.” But, especially early on in a relationship, you can still have your eyes wandering about and making sure that you’re not missing the Next Big Thing.

Data can be like that. When you’re “dating” your Big Data, sure, you’re cozying on up to it. You’re checking it out. It’s new. It’s exciting. Who doesn’t like to look at new data and imagine all the possibilities?

But there comes a time when you have to decide…are you going to make a commitment to this data? Are you willing to make decisions and plan out long term strategies and goals using this data?

Think about that date with the man (or lady) who seemed a little off kilter. You weren’t sure why. You couldn’t put your finger right on it. But after a few dates (maybe more than a few) you just knew. You knew that this person wasn’t for you. Maybe you look at your data and it’s not making sense to you. You can’t quite figure it out. Or it’s just not clicking. And when that happens, you shouldn’t force it. Like any forced relationship, it will fall apart eventually. So if your Big Data isn’t grabbing you full in the face and bringing you to that “yes, I want to be with you” moment, then it’s likely time to take a step back.

It could be an “It’s me, not you,” scenario. Have another member of the team work with your data. Not every marketer is cut out to be a big data dater or mater. And to force such a situation can possibly wreak havoc on your marketing efforts.

Another team member may look at your big data differently. Different strokes for different folks, right? So if you’re not the right person, don’t assume it’s time to toss the big data out the window. Look for the marketer in your group that might be the right fit.  Because there’s somebody out there for everyone. And your team member might just click with the big data and know how to work with it.

Once you have the “right fit,” it’s imperative to shoot for long term commitment. If you only dabble and fool around with the big data, you won’t really see any long term benefits from it. And that’s the end goal – creating lasting strategies and basing decisions and goals off of big data analysis. This isn’t about a temporary high or a feel good marketing campaign that brings in a few sales here or there. By committing to the data and developing on-point marketing campaigns, goals and other business decisions, you will find that the cultivated relationship will bloom and business will boom.

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