CLEVELAND, October 19, 2016 — Great Lakes Integrated (GLI), headquartered here, announces the appointment of Scot D. Adkins as the company’s new President and Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Adkins is a long-time veteran of the printing and packaging industry according to Mr. James R. Schultz, Chairman of the Board and CEO of GLI. “Scot brings a wealth of printing knowledge and management expertise to our company and to our broad range of regional, national and international clients. I have known Scot for many years through our involvement in various professional printing organizations, and he is ideally suited to lead GLI’s day-to-day operations going forward. We look forward to his contributions,” he says.

Mr. Schultz explains that as the entire marketing industry is continually changing, Great Lakes Integrated has evolved into a multi-channel marketing execution company to serve clients’ needs, with an emphasis on marketing technology, fulfillment services, and print, mobile, email and web production.

Mr. Adkins steps into this new role at GLI, ready to deliver multi-channel solutions, using his strong background of senior management leadership. He was most recently President/CEO for Rohrer Corporation in Wadsworth, Ohio, from 2003 to 2016, a multi-plant packaging company producing high visibility consumer packaging in North America.

From 2002 to 2003, he was Vice President, Commercial Sales at St. Ives in Cleveland, a company providing commercial printing services across the United States. From 2000 to 2002, Mr. Adkins served as Vice President of Membership & Marketing for the trade association, Printing Industries of America, Northern Kentucky and Ohio. Prior to that, he was Operations Manager at Rohrich Corporation in Akron, Ohio, from 1990 to 2000, a premium quality commercial printing company.

Mr. Adkins attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, New York, where he received a B.A. in Industrial Management/Printing Management, and an A.S. in Applied Science Technology. He also received additional coursework at University of Michigan Executive Education, and Kent State University – The Corporate University.

Great Lakes Integrated is a Marketing Execution company comprised of industry leading professionals whom deliver award winning print, advanced marketing software and State-of-the-Art fulfillment and distribution services.

Wow Audiences with Dimensional Printing!

Whether it is a direct mail piece or general piece of marketing collateral, dimensional printing will set you and your brand apart from the others. Digital printing has come a long way and GLI was one of the first to invest heavily in this print technology. Today digital presses have the ability to print larger sheets, match spot colors, produce metallic colors and now preform a dimensional printing process/effect.

Dimensional printing is exactly as it sounds. The process allows you to produce a printed piece with elements of that piece being raised above the sheet of paper giving dimension to it. An example of this would be an image of an orange. With dimensional printing you can actually give the orange peel the texture and feel of a real orange peel.

The creative possibilities are endless with this process. The process is easy to set up in your print file and GLI can provide the expertise on how to do so. If you would like to see samples of dimensional printing or simply have questions, please get in touch with your account executive or call Jason Schultz at 216.634.5117.

Special Techniques to Set Your Traditional Print Project Apart!

It’s astounding; you can feed a blank sheet of paper through one end of the press and then have a complete work of art come out the other end. The technology and craftsmanship to make this happen is nothing short of amazing. Everything needs to be just right from the chemistry and inks through to the pressure of the rollers.

There is no other media that engages people like print and GLI has the ability to provide a number of special effects to help your printed material stand out.

GLI has the ability to print a dull migrating varnish process. This process allows certain areas of the sheet to have a dull varnish applied. Then at the end of the press we place an overall gloss aqueous on the sheet. The aqueous is not apparent where the dull varnish is and becomes pronounced where the varnish is not. This technique provides a nice contrast between dull and gloss areas and is an economical way to do so.

Another technique GLI can perform is Hexachrome. Hexachrome allows for an expanded color gamut and works great in the reproduction of certain pastels and also provides more vibrancy and brightness for other colors such as oranges and greens.
The last technique to touch on is MetalFX. MetalFX is a dynamic process that allows you to print a broad range of metallic colors through the use of special software and a special metallic ink base coat. This opens up the possibilities to produce 4-color process art and any number of metallic colors and tones on the same sheet in one pass on the press.

Print truly can give your brand the impact it deserves and GLI has been producing award winning print for 85 years. If you would like to learn more about the techniques mentioned above or discuss a project, please reach out to your account executive or call Jason Schultz at 216.634.5117.

Great Lakes Integrated Wins 53 Awards In 2016 Print Excellence Competition

Great Lakes Integrated (GLI), a multi-channel marketing execution company focused on marketing technology, fulfillment services and print, mobile, email and web production, is proud to announce it was recently awarded fifty-three (53) 2016 Print Excellence Awards from the Printing Industries of Ohio – N. Kentucky.

According to James Schultz, Chairman, President and CEO of GLI, “We are honored to have received these Print Excellence Awards. A big thank you goes out to our customers for entrusting us with their most discriminating projects. Also, the team of professionals at GLI does a fantastic job of producing award winning print. While GLI provides different channel options for its customer’s today, print still is and will continue to be a powerful way to communicate.”

Printing Industries Association President, Jim Cunningham stated how impressed this year’s judges were with the overall quality of all of the entries. “Ken and Jeff are experienced judges and printers whose combined expertise spans more than 50 years in print. Yet, even they were impressed with our members’ incredible work. It’s easy in today’s fast paced world to just get the job done, but our Association members continue to demonstrate the pride and dedication to their craft that has made Ohio and Northern Kentucky printers some of the best in the world!”

Each year, Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky holds its Print Excellence Awards Competition to recognize Ohio and northern Kentucky printers who have demonstrated excellence in 35 categories. This year member companies submitted close to 500 printed pieces and two out-of-state expert judges ranked them in a regional competition. This year’s judges were Ken Eberhart, Merrick Printing Company; and Jeff Ekstein, Willow Printing.

Each of the Gold award winners in the regional competition are entered in an association-wide competition for Best of Category and Best of Show prizes that will be awarded in September at the 2016 Grand Ceremony, held in Columbus, Ohio.

Great Lakes Integrated won the following awards:

11 Gold Awards
24 Silver Awards
18 Bronze Awards

About Printing Industries of Ohio – N. Kentucky

Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky serves nearly 400 commercial printing companies and suppliers to the industry in its service area. The Association provides a broad range of products and services to its membership, including workers’ compensation and product discounts. Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky is an affiliate of the national Printing Industries of America, the largest graphic arts association in the world. For complete information on Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky and Printing Industries of America, please visit

5 Keys to a Successful Event Marketing Campaign

The event marketing definition is a wide-ranging one, but at its core, event marketing is an effective way to humanize your business through a number of proven social and promotional tactics.

While there are many flashy event marketing ideas from large-scale businesses, you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to run a successful event marketing campaign.

With some careful planning and foresight, you’ll soon be making brand-focused impressions on future customers.

  1. Know Your Customer

    As one of the cardinal rules of business, this tip should come as no surprise. There’s a reason why commercials targeting the elderly regularly reinforce the concept of security and toy commercials tend to take place in a world free of adults.

    These commercials have such a clear understanding of their customers that they’re able to accurately pinpoint their demographics’ worldview.

    Just like any advertising opportunity, your event marketing ideas should be built upon a fundamental understanding of who your customer is and what they want.

    Take, for instance, Great Lakes Integrated’s Allen Theater fundraising campaign.

    To be able to restore the historic Allen Theater for Cleveland State University’s theater department, wealthy donors were needed to cover the costs. So to help encourage donations, GLI’s campaign stressed the importance of the past glory and future possibilities of the venue. This insightful choice was a perfect fit for the target group, as affluent individuals are often highly interested in the concept of legacy.

  2. Tailor to the Event

    Directly related to knowing your customer is the importance of knowing your event. The tactics you’d use at a trade show marketing event versus a fair, concert or sporting event should be very different and any change in locale should bring with it a change in approach.

    While at a social event or entertainment venue, remember that your company is essentially a guest in the customer’s world. Be very mindful of not only bringing marketing materials your customer is likely to enjoy, but also making an effort to connect your product or business as closely as possible to the location.

    The best way to go about this is looking for cross-promotional opportunities. For example, when the Disney film Big Hero Six debuted, the company promoted the film at marathons and half-marathons with a large, eye-catching inflatable balloon of its robot character Baymax.

    A marathon was a logical choice of venue since the character is a medical assistant who endorses healthy living. And while this is indeed one of the “flashy” ideas discussed earlier, the central conceit is still sound and is what you should strive for while integrating your brand with an event.

  3. Think “Free and Useful”

    As mentioned in the previous section, making sure your event marketing materials are of interest to your potential customers is vital. To leave a lasting impression, you’ll want to abide by the philosophy of “free and useful.”

    “Free” should go without saying, since the concept instantly grabs attention, but on its own it’s not enough. All too often marketing materials such as buttons, stickers and posters leave potential customers cold as these materials inherently value the brand over the customer. You don’t want someone walking away from your booth thinking, “What am I going to do with this?”

    It’s for this reason that the usefulness of free materials is so important. Politicians know this, which is why every election season you’ll find yourself the new recipient of pens, pencils, calendars and notepads. Keychains, water bottles and hats are other items with utility far beyond a single event and should be staples of your promotional tool bag.

    Great Lakes Integrated’s approach to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a good example of this. Along with their welcome kits supplying promotional hats, T-shirts and tote bags, they also included toy forklifts – a terrific way to entice both children and parents to attend the rodeo well into the future.

  4. Get Creative

    If you want to get the most out of your event marketing opportunities, you need to get creative. Not only do customers react positively to free and useful promotional materials, but they also respond well to interesting and fun activities.

    For more experienced marketers or those with greater capital at their disposal, these activities can range from utilizing interactive displays to sponsoring local art shows to organizing flash mobs.

    But deep pockets aren’t a requirement for creativity, and often limitations, financial or otherwise, produce the most creative solutions. Games, trivia contests and drawings are cheap and effective ways to attract attention at an event and can be very engaging for your customers.

  5. Connect

    If there’s one point you should internalize above all others at a marketing event, it’s the importance of connecting to your customer.

    While many techniques to attract customers are mostly passive and one-directional (a commercial, Internet ad, billboard, etc.), event marketing opportunities allow the customer to interact with your business first-hand, potentially leaving a more lasting impression.

    Creative activities, free and useful promotional materials, and a tailored marketing campaign are all vital techniques, but your efforts will be wasted without a positive connection to the person in front of you. The customer is key, and if you build outwardly from that notion, your event should be a complete success.

10 Great Benefits to Utilizing Fulfillment Services


Marketing fulfillment services can be a great option for any business in any industry. To prove that, here are just ten of the many benefits of utilizing Great Lakes Integrated’s fulfillment services:

  1. Corporate fulfillment assists your marketing efforts
  2. Believe it or not, but fulfillment can actually help your marketing campaign. Centrally located near five major markets (in Cleveland, Ohio), Great Lakes Integrated can easily store and ship your materials to anywhere in the world, whenever you need them.

  3. It saves you valuable space
  4. Great Lakes Integrated has a 200,000-square-foot facility, perfect for storing whatever materials or inventory you have. This frees up space in your own facility and allows your operations to run smoothly.

  5. Save time with kitting services
  6. With our kitting services, you can easily ship media kits, product launch materials or even product samples anywhere in the world. Our expert staff will assemble these kits however you want; all you have to do is tell us what goes in them.

  7. Quality control in the order fulfillment process
  8. Our skilled staff and state-of-the-art technology work seamlessly together to quickly and accurately ship and process your inventory. We have a series of quality control checks that each order goes through before shipping to ensure accuracy.

  9. Special project work
  10. Every business has those little things that it might not be equipped to handle, so why not let us do it for you? Included in our fulfillment services is our special project work, where we will help you with anything ranging from small part assembly to mixing paint.

  11. It’s a cost-saving measure
  12. Fulfillment with Great Lakes Integrated can save you money in a number of ways, from lower shipping costs and more efficient production to our easy-to-use software. Check out some of our case studies to see just how much we’ve saved for our clients.

  13. Easily track your materials
  14. Our inventory management solutions make it easy for you to track your inventory across all levels of your organization. You can access this secure and timely data anywhere at any time.

  15. Take advantage of the latest technology
  16. We have some of the most technologically advanced software available to help you easily manage, order and distribute your inventory from anywhere.

  17. Focus on what you do best
  18. Instead of adding extra staff to move and handle excess inventory, or assemble kits, your employees can focus on making or marketing your products, increasing sales and expanding your business.

  19. Best of all, fulfillment is easy
  20. It’s incredibly easy to sign up for fulfillment services. All you need to do is contact Great Lakes Integrated and let us know which of our fulfillment services you are interested in utilizing. If you aren’t sure what type of service you need, let us know and we will help you find the best solution for your company’s needs.

Do our product fulfillment services sound right for your business? Contact us today to learn more!

Not Dead Yet: Why Print Marketing Still Matters


Print is dead.

At least that’s what some people thought as the popularity of the Internet and reliance on technology increased throughout the last decade.

With the introduction of social media, digital advertising and the increased use of the smartphone and tablet, this new digital age has definitely changed the way we market to consumers, but one thing remains consistent: print still matters.

The truth is, even though research has found that more than 90 percent of adults own a PC or laptop and 80 percent own a smartphone, print marketing truly is more important than ever.

Why is Print Marketing Still Relevant?

Printed materials have been used as an integral marketing tool for hundreds of years. It was the first medium that allowed companies to reach potential customers on a much larger scale.

Although new technology may allow you to reach even more people, print remains the foundation of marketing.

The effectiveness and appeal of printed materials continues to remain steady, despite the continuous introduction of new technology. In fact, 92 percent of young shoppers said they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions, dispelling the myth that traditional print advertising isn’t as effective with the millennial generation.

Here are a few characteristics of print that provide advantages against other forms of marketing:


Between photo editing programs and satire news sites (not to mention the fear of viruses and spam associated with pop-up and banner advertisements), consumers are taking the information they receive online with a grain of salt. For this reason, many turn to print for accurate information.

Studies have found that 56 percent of customers believe print to be the most credible type of marketing. In order to gain the trust of consumers, adding print materials to your marketing campaign is a great place to start.


Receiving a postcard in the mail or a flyer at an event gives consumers something tangible they can hold on to. Think about it – when you receive a wedding announcement or party invitation, you pin it to your bulletin board or tape it to your refrigerator as a reminder.

Studies have found many people also apply this process to the print advertisements they receive, as a reported 48 percent of people keep direct mail for future reference. Also, having something physical to hold on to engages more senses, making it more memorable.

A Personal Touch

With all of this technology, a personal touch is needed to let consumers know that they are important. Print is the perfect medium to do this.

In fact, 70 percent of Americans said they find direct mail more personal than digital advertising. When you include the help of technology, you can create customized coupons, brochures or postcards to send out to targeted consumers and create even more personalized content that leaves a lasting impression.


We all know that consumers are bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis. But did you know that consumers are actually more engaged when reading printed materials as opposed to digital content?

A study revealed that people read digital screen text 20 to 30 percent slower than printed paper and skim the content in as little as 15 seconds.

Standing Out

As the use of digital advertising has increased, fewer people are using printed marketing materials. People are no longer bombarded with printed pieces in their mailbox, giving you easy access to this untapped potential.


One of the largest benefits to printed materials is the continuous effectiveness as a marketing tool. The average return on investment for direct mail marketing is a 13-to-1 ratio, and integrating print into your digital campaign can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level.

In fact, in 2010, direct mail increased company sales in the U.S. by $702 billion.

Adding Printed Marketing Materials to Your Campaign

There are several ways you can integrate print into your marketing strategy to make it more effective, including the traditional solutions of direct mail, flyers and business cards.

Here are a few other ways in which you can set your printed materials apart from the competition:

QR Codes

These small squares are a great way to bring print into your digital campaign. Smartphone users can scan them and easily get more information on your company, product or event.

QR codes allow you to take customers to a specific landing page or promotional page of content without forcing them to type in a URL.

QR code tips:
• Make sure there is a purpose for your QR code and that it adds to the user’s overall experience
• Link to a mobile site
• Use a URL shortener for your codes so it’s easier for smartphones to read

Large Format Printing

Large format prints are ideal for trade shows and events. They help create better brand recognition and can result in higher traffic to your booth or table.

Large format printing tips:

• Make sure to have your materials printed by a company that produces high-quality work
• Keep your prints consistent with your company’s branding
• Triple-check your measurements to make sure you get the right size

Variable Data Prints

As previously stated, one of the benefits to using print is the ability to personalize your materials. This strategy is referred to as variable data printing and allows you to create customized, targeted materials.

Variable data printing tips:

• Know your goals and objectives
• Keep it simple
• Track your results

Get the Very Best Printing Services From Great Lakes Integrated

Great Lakes Integrated has been an industry leader in print marketing for more than 80 years. Our state-of-the-art technology provides you with high-quality prints that help you truly stand out from the competition.

We offer printing services ranging from premedia and web printing to variable data and large-format printing.

To learn more about our printing marketing services and how we can help you take your campaign to the next level, contact Great Lakes Integrated today.

The Best Printing Services for Pittsburgh Companies


Whether your company’s goal is to sell more products, raise funds or promote an event, you need a solid, strategic marketing plan to achieve it. You also need to do whatever you can to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This is especially important if your business is located in a large and competitive market such as Pittsburgh. So in order to achieve your goals, your marketing campaign needs to have a strong foundation, which begins with excellent print materials.

High-Quality Pittsburgh Printing

While some will try to make you believe that print is a dying medium with the continued evolution of technology, print is actually more important than ever before.

Combined with other marketing techniques, print will help your campaign get the results you want.

At Great Lakes Integrated, we offer only the highest quality printed materials in the industry. Since the 1930’s, we have been a leader in printing technology, offering both traditional and unique, cutting-edge techniques. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide our customers with the most innovative and impeccable prints.

Pittsburgh’s Choice for Large Format Printing and More

As an industry leader, we offer a variety of printing services, including our large format printing for Pittsburgh companies.

Our large format printing machines have the same exceptional speed, flexibility and color vibrancy as our other machines, but they produce larger prints that are ideal for trade shows and events.

Some of our other print capabilities include:

Combined with our premedia, bindery and special finishing services as well, we can help you create the very best marketing materials from concept to execution.

To learn more about our Pittsburgh printing services, and what we can accomplish for your company, be sure to contact Great Lakes Integrated today.

What is Kitting?

When you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business practices, you may come across a solution known as kitting.

Kitting can be a great addition to any business’ operations, but you first need to understand what it is and how it works.

Also known as assembly, the kitting process involves taking individual parts or materials and grouping them into ready-to-go packages, or kits, that can be easily distributed to sales associates, businesses or even consumers.

How Does the Kitting Process Work?

The kitting process is easy, especially if you utilize the fulfillment services at Great Lakes Integrated.

The simple steps of our kitting services include:

  1. You tell us what you want in your kits and how you want them assembled.
  2. We create your kits based on your specifications.
  3. We then store your premade kits in our 200,000-square-foot warehouse until you need them.

What Are the Advantages of Kitting?

Kitting can benefit your business in a number of ways, such as saving you time and money in several areas of your company’s processes.

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High-Quality Printing Services in Columbus, Ohio


As the 15th fastest-growing city in the United States, Columbus, Ohio, is home to more than 800,000 people and tens of thousands of visitors each year, which makes it vital for brands to distinguish themselves from competitors.

One way to improve brand recognition is to have solid marketing materials that make your brand stand out. The right printed pieces can help play an integral role in your overall campaign.

Because print plays such an important role in your marketing campaign, you need to make sure you have high-quality printing from a company you can trust.

The Most Professional Printing in Columbus, Ohio

Unlike other Columbus printing companies, Great Lakes Integrated has been at the forefront of printing technology since its founding in the early 1930s.

Offering both traditional printing techniques and unique printing capabilities, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you take your business to the next level.

Our Printing Services

When you work with Great Lakes Integrated, you can expect only the highest quality printing services, such as:

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