Not Dead Yet: Why Print Marketing Still Matters


Print is dead.

At least that’s what some people thought as the popularity of the Internet and reliance on technology increased throughout the last decade.

With the introduction of social media, digital advertising and the increased use of the smartphone and tablet, this new digital age has definitely changed the way we market to consumers, but one thing remains consistent: print still matters.

The truth is, even though research has found that more than 90 percent of adults own a PC or laptop and 80 percent own a smartphone, print marketing truly is more important than ever.

Why is Print Marketing Still Relevant?

Printed materials have been used as an integral marketing tool for hundreds of years. It was the first medium that allowed companies to reach potential customers on a much larger scale.

Although new technology may allow you to reach even more people, print remains the foundation of marketing.

The effectiveness and appeal of printed materials continues to remain steady, despite the continuous introduction of new technology. In fact, 92 percent of young shoppers said they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions, dispelling the myth that traditional print advertising isn’t as effective with the millennial generation.

Here are a few characteristics of print that provide advantages against other forms of marketing:


Between photo editing programs and satire news sites (not to mention the fear of viruses and spam associated with pop-up and banner advertisements), consumers are taking the information they receive online with a grain of salt. For this reason, many turn to print for accurate information.

Studies have found that 56 percent of customers believe print to be the most credible type of marketing. In order to gain the trust of consumers, adding print materials to your marketing campaign is a great place to start.


Receiving a postcard in the mail or a flyer at an event gives consumers something tangible they can hold on to. Think about it – when you receive a wedding announcement or party invitation, you pin it to your bulletin board or tape it to your refrigerator as a reminder.

Studies have found many people also apply this process to the print advertisements they receive, as a reported 48 percent of people keep direct mail for future reference. Also, having something physical to hold on to engages more senses, making it more memorable.

A Personal Touch

With all of this technology, a personal touch is needed to let consumers know that they are important. Print is the perfect medium to do this.

In fact, 70 percent of Americans said they find direct mail more personal than digital advertising. When you include the help of technology, you can create customized coupons, brochures or postcards to send out to targeted consumers and create even more personalized content that leaves a lasting impression.


We all know that consumers are bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis. But did you know that consumers are actually more engaged when reading printed materials as opposed to digital content?

A study revealed that people read digital screen text 20 to 30 percent slower than printed paper and skim the content in as little as 15 seconds.

Standing Out

As the use of digital advertising has increased, fewer people are using printed marketing materials. People are no longer bombarded with printed pieces in their mailbox, giving you easy access to this untapped potential.


One of the largest benefits to printed materials is the continuous effectiveness as a marketing tool. The average return on investment for direct mail marketing is a 13-to-1 ratio, and integrating print into your digital campaign can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level.

In fact, in 2010, direct mail increased company sales in the U.S. by $702 billion.

Adding Printed Marketing Materials to Your Campaign

There are several ways you can integrate print into your marketing strategy to make it more effective, including the traditional solutions of direct mail, flyers and business cards.

Here are a few other ways in which you can set your printed materials apart from the competition:

QR Codes

These small squares are a great way to bring print into your digital campaign. Smartphone users can scan them and easily get more information on your company, product or event.

QR codes allow you to take customers to a specific landing page or promotional page of content without forcing them to type in a URL.

QR code tips:
• Make sure there is a purpose for your QR code and that it adds to the user’s overall experience
• Link to a mobile site
• Use a URL shortener for your codes so it’s easier for smartphones to read

Large Format Printing

Large format prints are ideal for trade shows and events. They help create better brand recognition and can result in higher traffic to your booth or table.

Large format printing tips:

• Make sure to have your materials printed by a company that produces high-quality work
• Keep your prints consistent with your company’s branding
• Triple-check your measurements to make sure you get the right size

Variable Data Prints

As previously stated, one of the benefits to using print is the ability to personalize your materials. This strategy is referred to as variable data printing and allows you to create customized, targeted materials.

Variable data printing tips:

• Know your goals and objectives
• Keep it simple
• Track your results

Get the Very Best Printing Services From Great Lakes Integrated

Great Lakes Integrated has been an industry leader in print marketing for more than 80 years. Our state-of-the-art technology provides you with high-quality prints that help you truly stand out from the competition.

We offer printing services ranging from premedia and web printing to variable data and large-format printing.

To learn more about our printing marketing services and how we can help you take your campaign to the next level, contact Great Lakes Integrated today.

The Best Printing Services for Pittsburgh Companies


Whether your company’s goal is to sell more products, raise funds or promote an event, you need a solid, strategic marketing plan to achieve it. You also need to do whatever you can to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This is especially important if your business is located in a large and competitive market such as Pittsburgh. So in order to achieve your goals, your marketing campaign needs to have a strong foundation, which begins with excellent print materials.

High-Quality Pittsburgh Printing

While some will try to make you believe that print is a dying medium with the continued evolution of technology, print is actually more important than ever before.

Combined with other marketing techniques, print will help your campaign get the results you want.

At Great Lakes Integrated, we offer only the highest quality printed materials in the industry. Since the 1930’s, we have been a leader in printing technology, offering both traditional and unique, cutting-edge techniques. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide our customers with the most innovative and impeccable prints.

Pittsburgh’s Choice for Large Format Printing and More

As an industry leader, we offer a variety of printing services, including our large format printing for Pittsburgh companies.

Our large format printing machines have the same exceptional speed, flexibility and color vibrancy as our other machines, but they produce larger prints that are ideal for trade shows and events.

Some of our other print capabilities include:

Combined with our premedia, bindery and special finishing services as well, we can help you create the very best marketing materials from concept to execution.

To learn more about our Pittsburgh printing services, and what we can accomplish for your company, be sure to contact Great Lakes Integrated today.

What is Kitting?

When you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business practices, you may come across a solution known as kitting.

Kitting can be a great addition to any business’ operations, but you first need to understand what it is and how it works.

Also known as assembly, the kitting process involves taking individual parts or materials and grouping them into ready-to-go packages, or kits, that can be easily distributed to sales associates, businesses or even consumers.

How Does the Kitting Process Work?

The kitting process is easy, especially if you utilize the fulfillment services at Great Lakes Integrated.

The simple steps of our kitting services include:

  1. You tell us what you want in your kits and how you want them assembled.
  2. We create your kits based on your specifications.
  3. We then store your premade kits in our 200,000-square-foot warehouse until you need them.

What Are the Advantages of Kitting?

Kitting can benefit your business in a number of ways, such as saving you time and money in several areas of your company’s processes.

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High-Quality Printing Services in Columbus, Ohio


As the 15th fastest-growing city in the United States, Columbus, Ohio, is home to more than 800,000 people and tens of thousands of visitors each year, which makes it vital for brands to distinguish themselves from competitors.

One way to improve brand recognition is to have solid marketing materials that make your brand stand out. The right printed pieces can help play an integral role in your overall campaign.

Because print plays such an important role in your marketing campaign, you need to make sure you have high-quality printing from a company you can trust.

The Most Professional Printing in Columbus, Ohio

Unlike other Columbus printing companies, Great Lakes Integrated has been at the forefront of printing technology since its founding in the early 1930s.

Offering both traditional printing techniques and unique printing capabilities, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you take your business to the next level.

Our Printing Services

When you work with Great Lakes Integrated, you can expect only the highest quality printing services, such as:

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Cleveland’s Best Printing Services


Cleveland is home to a number of trade shows and events each year, including the Fabulous Food Show, the Cleveland National Air Show and even the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.

Attracting thousands of visitors and exhibitors each year, these events can make it difficult for your brand to get noticed, making it even more important for you to have high-quality marketing materials.

With Great Lakes Integrated, we provide top-quality printed pieces that take your materials to the next level, including some of the best large format printing in Cleveland.

Why Choose Our Cleveland Printing Services?

The real question: why not?

In addition to being home to many trade shows and events, Cleveland is also a central hub for several major metropolitan markets, including:

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Great Lakes Integrated introduces Two Day Digital Photobook Service for Ohio Photographers, Event Planners and 
Marketing Directors

Cleveland, Ohio – April 13, 2015

Paul Doerfler, Vice President of Sales for Great Lakes Integrated, has announced a Two Day “Perfect Bound” Hinged Layflat Photobook Service specifically designed to provide a high-impact, high-value, keepsake for attendees of events covered by photographers for local Businesses, Associations, Non-Profits, Banquet Facilities and Hotel Properties.

According to Paul, “What truly differentiates the Great Lakes Integrated Event Photobook Service from online competitors, is GLI’s ability to take advantage of its local investments in technology, talent, experience, equipment and locations, to significantly reduce the time involved in the typical design and printing of commercially produced photobook requests!”

The Two Day Photobook Service provides clients with a simple Secure InSite Link to upload 34 full page 7” x 9” digital images to GLI’s Portal which are then placed into predefined templates using GLI’s internally developed “CHIL” workflow process. This process streamlines the time-consuming steps involved with resizing images, correcting image orientations and removing duplicates before being forwarded to the company’s Digital Print Center for production.

The Two Day Event Photobook Service also includes assigning a GLI Account Executive to assist with the customization and personalization options available for both the front and back covers of the photobook. These options include selecting a “Front Cover Photo” and the personalization of the “Front Cover Text”, in addition to the placement of a “Company Logo” and “Address” on the back cover. Before each Event Photobook is completed, GLI also generates and prints a unique product code on the back of every Event Photobook for any additional reorder requests.

Prior to shipping, each GLI Event Photobook is inspected for quality control, packaged conveniently in sets of five and delivered by courier to a single location.

About Great Lakes Integrated

Based in Northeast Ohio, Great Lakes Integrated has been a recognized leader in the Commercial Printing Industry for its ability to consistently provide superior color consistency on both Commercial Lithographic and Digital Presses for over 80 years. Founded as a commercial printing company in 1931, the company continues its proud tradition of being nationally recognized on an annual basis as an award winning, top quality commercial print operation. GLI has evolved into a marketing execution company that specializes in print, mobile, email and web applications, plus provides marketing software and state of the art fulfillment and distribution services.

For additional information contact:
Brian E. Maciag via email @ or call 216-651-1500

Cleveland’s Leader in Digital Printing

For more than 80 years, Great Lakes Integrated has expanded and grown to fit the needs of our customers, but one thing has remained the same: we are one of the leading Cleveland printing companies.

Our Printing Services

Since our founding in the 1930’s, commercial printing has evolved significantly and we have evolved right along with it. But most importantly, the printed page has remained one of the most effective communication tools available to marketers.

By incorporating the latest technologies and processes, we are able to provide our customers with everything they need to produce unparalleled marketing materials.

Our range of printing services includes:

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Why You Need Cleveland, Ohio Fulfillment Services

There are many reasons why businesses decide to consider fulfillment services, but, for the most part, companies are looking for a place to help them with the storage and distribution of their materials.

At Great Lakes Integrated, we offer so much more than just a space to store your goods and marketing materials. Dedicated to providing complete marketing support services, we specialize in fulfillment, distribution, promotional kitting and more.

With a 200,000-square-foot facility and a staff full of industry professionals, we have the knowledge and technology to become an extension of your own marketing efforts.

We also offer an inventory management tool to help you stay organized and keep in contact with your sales team and other marketing affiliates. This allows us to help you coordinate and execute your marketing plan from start to finish.

Why Choose Fulfillment in Cleveland?

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5 Ways Our Digital Asset Management Tool Can Help Your Business

Do you face challenges when it comes to locating proper logos, images, audio files, video files or entire documents? If you do, you are not alone. Great Lakes Integrated’s (GLI) online digital asset management system can help alleviate the issues associated with all of your brand building assets.

Some of the ways GLI’s online digital asset management system can help are the following:

  • No more lost digital assets used to build and promote your organization
  • Greater efficiency in creating new materials
  • Brand protection since only the most recent approved assets can be utilized
  • Greater ease of sharing digital assets with key stakeholders
  • Greater ease of updates to digital assets

Take our online digital asset management system a step further and add our online document management tools to the functionality. Not only can you manage individual digital assets, but entire documents as well. This gives you the ability to manage documents as a whole, and also manage and utilize the individual assets that make up the documents. Our systems are robust, intuitive and built according to your business rules.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your account executive if you have any questions or would like to learn more. If you do not have an account executive, please contact Jason Schultz at 216-634-5117 or

Hires/Promotions at Great Lakes Integrated Focus on Customer Service and Growth

Cleveland, Ohio – February 13, 2015

Great Lakes Integrated (GLI), a multi-channel marketing execution company focused on marketing technology, fulfillment services and print, mobile, email and web production, continues its mission to deliver excellent customer service and growth with the announcement of several new hires and promotions.

According to James R. Schultz, GLI Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, “We continue to grow our organization, putting the right people in place to meet our customers’ many marketing needs. Congratulations to our team in their new roles.”

Paul Doerfler has joined the company as Vice President of Sales after helping several Fortune 500 organizations improve their sales force effectiveness, optimize their supply chain, and provide multi-channel marketing and customer services. Paul graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He has been certified in a number of fields including Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Business Process Improvement, Systems Thinking, Quality Systems (ISO 9002), HIPAA, and Sustainability, and he is proficient with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Paul’s career covers working in varied industries including pharmaceuticals, financial services, publishing and health care management.

Jason Schultz has been named Vice President of Marketing, responsible for defining and executing GLI’s marketing strategy. He will work closely with key executives at GLI to develop the company’s overall strategic direction. Jason also manages a group of GLI clients, and helps to identify new business opportunities. He has worked at GLI for many years, working his way up in the organization, first in the bindery and shipping departments, then as a Sales Account Executive, and most recently as Director of Marketing. He is active in the American Marketing Association, and the Printing Industries of Ohio and Northern Kentucky. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing, with a minor in family business and entrepreneurship.

Brian E. Maciag is now an Account Executive, responsible for new business sales. He joined GLI after 30 years of holding executive sales and marketing positions involving global Digital Document Workflow and Technology Solutions in the Printing and Imaging Industry. Brian has worked for Ricoh Americas Corporation, the Hewlett-Packard Company, Basic Computer Corporation and Advanced Business Systems in vertical industries which include Healthcare, Financial Services and Manufacturing. Brian is a graduate of The Ohio State University. He is involved in a number of community and professional organizations including: Destination Cleveland, Cleveland Sales & Marketing Executives, Northern Ohio Health Information & Management Systems, Westshore Community Emergency Response Team and the American Marketing Association.

Pat McIlwee has been appointed as an Account Executive in the sales department at GLI. He brings a strong background in the paper industry with more than 20+ years experience to his customers, having worked at Unisource Worldwide as Sales Representative, and at Sterling Paper, Cordage Papers, and Alling and Cory. Pat is a graduate of Mercyhurst University, with a Bachelor of Arts in marketing.

About Great Lakes Integrated

Based in Northeast Ohio, Great Lakes Integrated has continually provided marketing solutions to its customers for over 80 years. Founded as a commercial printing company in 1931, GLI has evolved into a Multi-channel marketing execution company. GLI takes a strategic approach in helping customers with their marketing and provides online marketing tools, mobile, web, email and print media plus state-of-the-art fulfillment and distribution services. Visit

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