Buyer and User Personas

Personalization is a powerful way to communicate within a targeted marketing campaign. As you know, personalization shows that you know your audience and allows you to market to them instead of at them. This approach greatly increases the likelihood that your customer or prospect will take the desired action/s.

However, you can take personalization a step further by creating different buyer and user personas within a given campaign. This enables you to be even more specific and personalized. You then create messaging and calls to action that are appropriate for the different personas you are marketing to. The idea is to study different groups you want to target and determine verbiage and messaging appropriate for each, plus appropriate calls to action and follow up for each persona.

This may sound overwhelming, but through multi-channel marketing technology, you can easily execute a personalized multi-persona campaign across different channels. When you couple personalization, personas and multiple channels into a campaign, you communicate and market to people on a whole different level. Each variable; personalization, personas and multiple channels, exponentially increase your chances for success. Couple this with the ability to automate responses, score leads, gather/track data and you create a very powerful campaign and process. Please reach out if you would like help with an approach like this, or if you have any questions, 216-634-5117 or

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