Wow Audiences with Dimensional Printing!

Whether it is a direct mail piece or general piece of marketing collateral, dimensional printing will set you and your brand apart from the others. Digital printing has come a long way and GLI was one of the first to invest heavily in this print technology. Today digital presses have the ability to print larger sheets, match spot colors, produce metallic colors and now preform a dimensional printing process/effect.

Dimensional printing is exactly as it sounds. The process allows you to produce a printed piece with elements of that piece being raised above the sheet of paper giving dimension to it. An example of this would be an image of an orange. With dimensional printing you can actually give the orange peel the texture and feel of a real orange peel.

The creative possibilities are endless with this process. The process is easy to set up in your print file and GLI can provide the expertise on how to do so. If you would like to see samples of dimensional printing or simply have questions, please get in touch with your account executive or call Jason Schultz at 216.634.5117.

Special Techniques to Set Your Traditional Print Project Apart!

It’s astounding; you can feed a blank sheet of paper through one end of the press and then have a complete work of art come out the other end. The technology and craftsmanship to make this happen is nothing short of amazing. Everything needs to be just right from the chemistry and inks through to the pressure of the rollers.

There is no other media that engages people like print and GLI has the ability to provide a number of special effects to help your printed material stand out.

GLI has the ability to print a dull migrating varnish process. This process allows certain areas of the sheet to have a dull varnish applied. Then at the end of the press we place an overall gloss aqueous on the sheet. The aqueous is not apparent where the dull varnish is and becomes pronounced where the varnish is not. This technique provides a nice contrast between dull and gloss areas and is an economical way to do so.

Another technique GLI can perform is Hexachrome. Hexachrome allows for an expanded color gamut and works great in the reproduction of certain pastels and also provides more vibrancy and brightness for other colors such as oranges and greens.
The last technique to touch on is MetalFX. MetalFX is a dynamic process that allows you to print a broad range of metallic colors through the use of special software and a special metallic ink base coat. This opens up the possibilities to produce 4-color process art and any number of metallic colors and tones on the same sheet in one pass on the press.

Print truly can give your brand the impact it deserves and GLI has been producing award winning print for 85 years. If you would like to learn more about the techniques mentioned above or discuss a project, please reach out to your account executive or call Jason Schultz at 216.634.5117.

Great Lakes Integrated introduces Two Day Digital Photobook Service for Ohio Photographers, Event Planners and 
Marketing Directors

Cleveland, Ohio – April 13, 2015

Paul Doerfler, Vice President of Sales for Great Lakes Integrated, has announced a Two Day “Perfect Bound” Hinged Layflat Photobook Service specifically designed to provide a high-impact, high-value, keepsake for attendees of events covered by photographers for local Businesses, Associations, Non-Profits, Banquet Facilities and Hotel Properties.

According to Paul, “What truly differentiates the Great Lakes Integrated Event Photobook Service from online competitors, is GLI’s ability to take advantage of its local investments in technology, talent, experience, equipment and locations, to significantly reduce the time involved in the typical design and printing of commercially produced photobook requests!”

The Two Day Photobook Service provides clients with a simple Secure InSite Link to upload 34 full page 7” x 9” digital images to GLI’s Portal which are then placed into predefined templates using GLI’s internally developed “CHIL” workflow process. This process streamlines the time-consuming steps involved with resizing images, correcting image orientations and removing duplicates before being forwarded to the company’s Digital Print Center for production.

The Two Day Event Photobook Service also includes assigning a GLI Account Executive to assist with the customization and personalization options available for both the front and back covers of the photobook. These options include selecting a “Front Cover Photo” and the personalization of the “Front Cover Text”, in addition to the placement of a “Company Logo” and “Address” on the back cover. Before each Event Photobook is completed, GLI also generates and prints a unique product code on the back of every Event Photobook for any additional reorder requests.

Prior to shipping, each GLI Event Photobook is inspected for quality control, packaged conveniently in sets of five and delivered by courier to a single location.

About Great Lakes Integrated

Based in Northeast Ohio, Great Lakes Integrated has been a recognized leader in the Commercial Printing Industry for its ability to consistently provide superior color consistency on both Commercial Lithographic and Digital Presses for over 80 years. Founded as a commercial printing company in 1931, the company continues its proud tradition of being nationally recognized on an annual basis as an award winning, top quality commercial print operation. GLI has evolved into a marketing execution company that specializes in print, mobile, email and web applications, plus provides marketing software and state of the art fulfillment and distribution services.

For additional information contact:
Brian E. Maciag via email @ or call 216-651-1500

Cleveland’s Leader in Digital Printing

For more than 80 years, Great Lakes Integrated has expanded and grown to fit the needs of our customers, but one thing has remained the same: we are one of the leading Cleveland printing companies.

Our Printing Services

Since our founding in the 1930’s, commercial printing has evolved significantly and we have evolved right along with it. But most importantly, the printed page has remained one of the most effective communication tools available to marketers.

By incorporating the latest technologies and processes, we are able to provide our customers with everything they need to produce unparalleled marketing materials.

Our range of printing services includes:


5 Ways Our Digital Asset Management Tool Can Help Your Business

Do you face challenges when it comes to locating proper logos, images, audio files, video files or entire documents? If you do, you are not alone. Great Lakes Integrated’s (GLI) online digital asset management system can help alleviate the issues associated with all of your brand building assets.

Some of the ways GLI’s online digital asset management system can help are the following:

  • No more lost digital assets used to build and promote your organization
  • Greater efficiency in creating new materials
  • Brand protection since only the most recent approved assets can be utilized
  • Greater ease of sharing digital assets with key stakeholders
  • Greater ease of updates to digital assets

Take our online digital asset management system a step further and add our online document management tools to the functionality. Not only can you manage individual digital assets, but entire documents as well. This gives you the ability to manage documents as a whole, and also manage and utilize the individual assets that make up the documents. Our systems are robust, intuitive and built according to your business rules.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your account executive if you have any questions or would like to learn more. If you do not have an account executive, please contact Jason Schultz at 216-634-5117 or

Council & Partnership

As a marketer, myself, and a person that deals with marketing customers on a daily basis, there are many avenues to utilize and take. What it comes down to is defining clear objectives based on your goals and your budget. Just because something is new and it claims to be the next best thing since sliced bread, it does not necessarily mean it fits within your marketing mix or budget.

It boils down to utilizing the correct channels and having the proper message to either create awareness and/or a call to action. Planning is the key, and it is not a singular process. You need to include key stakeholders within your organization to determine what your overall marketing initiatives will become; based on what you want to achieve.

Great Lakes Integrated understands this and has the products, services, technology and people to help you execute your marketing initiatives from beginning to end. Please look to us for council and partnership when developing your plans and marketing initiatives, and bring us into the conversation early. We can provide unique insight based on the experts we have that specialize in print, fulfillment, technology solutions and multi-channel applications.

Whether you are thinking about a complex multi-channel campaign that may include print, email, mobile and personalized landing pages with robust analytics or a direct marketing campaign that targets prospects with direct mail and email, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your account executive, and if you do not have an account executive please call or email me direct 216-634-5117 or

Jason Schultz
Vice President – Marketing

What Do You Think?

Our monthly newsletter covers a variety of topics. Our goal is to educate you on our services, but we also want you to find our articles enjoyable and interesting. We’ve recently redesigned our newsletter, giving you a more readable layout, and are looking to expand upon the topics we write about.

So we’re asking you, the reader, what are you most interested in reading? Are there processes at Great Lakes Integrated you’d like to learn about? Would you like to get to know the people behind Great Lakes Integrated? We’re looking for your feedback, good and bad, so we can improve the newsletter and keep it something you look forward to reading.

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We Can Be So Much More

The only thing my 3-year-old nephew wanted for Christmas was a truck. Much to his delight, he received several. On Christmas, he watched everyone open gifts and then quickly scooped up the crumpled wrapping paper to throw it into his new favorite truck. The truck sits across from him at the table – where his sister usually sits. When it’s time for bed, the truck goes with him. All my family and I see is a truck, but to my nephew it’s so much more.

Chances are, you’re familiar with some part of Great Lakes Integrated, but like my nephew’s new favorite toy, we can be so much more to you.

Great Lakes began as a printing company, opened our fulfillment division in the mid-90s, and entered into the marketing technology sector a few years later. Some of our customers take advantage of our print, technology and fulfillment services, while others employ just one aspect of our company.

We invite you to visit our website,, and discover which of our services can benefit you, whether printing, technology, fulfillment or all three. Or contact your GLI account executive to learn how Great Lakes can help you meet your professional and personal needs. If you do not have an account executive, please contact Jason Schultz at 216-634-5117 or

An Unusual Visitor: The Rise of Augmented Reality

One Friday, we had a rather unusual visitor in our Avon Lake office.

He was the sole attendee at a rather important meeting, . . .

snowman sitting in chair

He filled in for a mermaid, . . .

snowman in fish tank

He made a nice addition to our Laser Room, . . .

snowman in laser room

And he posed for photos with three of our employees. (I will refrain from posting those images for privacy purposes.)

The most unusual part?

He was never really here.

The only physical object present was this piece of paper:

paper containing trackable image

Seems impossible?  Try it yourself!

  1. Download the free Junaio app onto your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Just search for “Junaio” in your app store.
  2. Print this PDF in color.
  3. Place the printout on the floor (or on a table, or on a chair, . . . just so your mobile device can be held above the paper).
  4. Open the Junaio app. Be sure to close the tutorial information.
  5. Hold the phone directly over the printout, then press “Scan” in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. A 3D model should appear on the paper. Back away slowly to get a better view.
    • Use normal pinch gestures to enlarge or shrink the model.
    • Use two fingers and rotate to turn the model.
    • Use one finger and drag to move the model.
    • Use the camera icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to take a photo of the model (or, better yet, with the model!). Be sure to choose the upload icon in the upper right-hand corner to share the photo or save it to your device.

Our frosty visitor is an example of Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that has been around for some time, but is gaining a great deal of attention as more well-known companies are investing in AR solutions.

Augmented Reality uses a combination of a camera and software to recognize an image or a three-dimensional object.  It can then display superimposed content on a screen.  The phone’s location can also be used to display content onscreen based not on image recognition, but rather geographical location.  This technology is most commonly used on smartphones and tablets, but is also used with webcams or wearable technology (glasses, watches) with built-in cameras.

It’s pretty amazing to witness someone’s reaction when they see a picture of themselves standing next to a life-sized snowman when they know that, in reality, they were standing next to a piece of paper!

Of course, AR isn’t limited to just 3D models.  The latest version of our business cards display a series of buttons that a user can press to visit different pages on our website or to watch a video.

the buttons on the back of our business card

The front of our business card also features a 3D model, but this one is designed to be viewed up close rather than far away, as the snowman was, and an audio file is played while the front of the card is being viewed.

a sailboat bearing the GLI logo is the AR content displayed on the front of our business card

AR content can include many types of videos, social media buttons, calendar events, a 360-degree view of a room . . . the possibilities are almost endless!

To learn more about how Great Lakes Integrated’s Augmented Reality solutions can benefit your company, get in touch with your GLI account executive!  If you don’t have an account executive, please contact Jason Schultz at 216-634-5117 or

And, don’t forget, our snowman would love to pay you a visit!

Unresolved Challenges

As we head into the new year we all have challenges we would like to solve. Great Lakes Integrated (GLI) has evolved from a commercial printing company into a multi-channel marketing execution company by listening to our customers’ challenges over the years and developing solutions.

While litho, digital and large format printing still remain a large part of what we do there is so much more to GLI today. Software in the form of marketing storefronts and inventory management sites has revolutionized the way our customers do business from concept through production and distribution. Couple GLI’s technological abilities, fulfillment services and the ability to produce and distribute both traditional and digital media and it gives GLI the unique ability to develop custom solutions for your organization.

If there is something that is a thorn in your side and/or your organizations side we invite you to contact your GLI account executive. Your account executive will assemble a team of GLI’s professionals to work on a solution for you. If you do not have an account executive, please contact Jason Schultz at 216-634-5117 or

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