Data isn’t just a character from Star Trek

Cost is often a large factor in business decisions; everyone wants to get more for their money. A clean mailing list, whether for email or print, can save you a lot.

If your mailing is going to 2,000 recipients and 10% of the addresses are no longer relevant, why send something to them? Our data analysts can clean and organize your data as needed, as well as verify the addresses with the USPS. Whether a simple data clean up, or a an in-depth update to your list, we’ve got the knowledge and tools to make your data work for you.

Below, we’ve compiled some tips for your mailing lists and we hope you’ll find them useful. We’ve also made a basic data template available for download here. Your account executive is also more than happy to help with any questions you may have about databases. If you do not have an account executive, please contact Jason Schultz at 216-634-5117 or

Tips for mailing lists
1. The software used by the United States Postal Service is specific. When it comes to addresses, when it doubt, spell it out.

2. For the deliverability of an address, you can check here.

3. It’s important to include words like east and west if they’re part of a street address.

4. Make sure you’ve checked zip codes as well as state abbreviations to make sure they’re complete and correct.

5. If you’re shipping to an international address, make sure you provide the country names and postal codes.

6. Always put address fields into individual columns in Microsoft Excel.

7. When providing a list of email addresses, make sure they are current and properly formatted.

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