Council & Partnership

As a marketer, myself, and a person that deals with marketing customers on a daily basis, there are many avenues to utilize and take. What it comes down to is defining clear objectives based on your goals and your budget. Just because something is new and it claims to be the next best thing since sliced bread, it does not necessarily mean it fits within your marketing mix or budget.

It boils down to utilizing the correct channels and having the proper message to either create awareness and/or a call to action. Planning is the key, and it is not a singular process. You need to include key stakeholders within your organization to determine what your overall marketing initiatives will become; based on what you want to achieve.

Great Lakes Integrated understands this and has the products, services, technology and people to help you execute your marketing initiatives from beginning to end. Please look to us for council and partnership when developing your plans and marketing initiatives, and bring us into the conversation early. We can provide unique insight based on the experts we have that specialize in print, fulfillment, technology solutions and multi-channel applications.

Whether you are thinking about a complex multi-channel campaign that may include print, email, mobile and personalized landing pages with robust analytics or a direct marketing campaign that targets prospects with direct mail and email, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your account executive, and if you do not have an account executive please call or email me direct 216-634-5117 or

Jason Schultz
Vice President – Marketing

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