Determining The Proper Marketing Channels

Marketers have so many options to reach people today, and the people they are trying to reach face the same situation. They are consuming information across a multitude of channels. As a marketer, the ultimate question is which channels to best utilize to guarantee their message is consumed by their target audience.

The first step in determining what channels to utilize is to examine the product/s, service/s or cause/s your organization offers. Certain channels and media by themselves or in combination will work better; depending on what your organization is bringing to market. The second step is knowing your target audience inside and out and uncovering or gathering as much information on them as you can. Next, take this deep understanding of your audience and your organizations offerings and think of how your targets would want to consume information on your organization. Take it a step further and study how competitors are communicating to your audience and develop a strategy around the best channel/s and creative to make sure your efforts stand apart from the others.

If you need help with any of this, please reach out (216-634-5117 or GLI can help you develop the strategy and solution and then produce/distribute print, mobile and email output (all while tracking and gathering data and analytics).

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