Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

It seems like we never have enough storage; not enough storage on our phone, not enough storage in our house. While we can’t help you with your phone and helping at your home might be a bit awkward, we can help when it comes to storage of your company’s needs. Whether it’s your company’s goods, supplies, marketing materials, or promotional items, at our warehouse in Avon Lake, OH we have the storage space you need.

Our customers run the gamut from paint companies, nonprofit organizations, plumbing supplies, we take care of it all. Customers purchase shirts, inflatable paint cans, tents, displays and other products that get shipped directly to Avon Lake. We then compile the product information into our customers’ inventory systems. Once this is done, the users now have access to all their products at the click of a mouse.

We can also store your printed materials. Why print small quantities when you can print a large amount at a reduced cost? Once your materials are printed, we bring them to our Avon Lake facility where we track them just as we do your other goods. Any time you need to order print materials, you can log onto your Inventory system and order what you need. We’ll get your order processed and shipped to you in a timely manner. We can set a reorder point too, so when you’re running low on quantities, we can print more materials. Now you never have to scramble at the last second because you ran out of printed pieces.

Is it time to talk with us about your inventory needs? If so, please reach out to your GLI Account Executive. If you do not have an account executive, please contact Mike Stewart at 216-634-5201 or mstewart@gll.com.

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