Fall into the Season

While the weather and leaves are turning outside, here at Great Lakes Integrated, we’re turning our thoughts toward that which we are most thankful for. We are truly blessed with amazing clients who push us to keep growing and learning, and equally amazing employees who are always eager to explore new solutions. Read on to see more thankful thoughts from individuals at Great Lakes Integrated or visit our Facebook page to share what you’re grateful for!

I’m equally thankful (grateful actually) to the creators of Baileys and to the person who discovered it rocks in coffee.

Amy, Accounting


I am thankful the mothership left Karen Hollish as my cubemate.

Annette, aka The Hobbit – GLDirect


I’m thankful to live in a geography of changing seasons so we can experience the freshness of spring, sultry summer days, crisp cool and colorful autumn evenings and the opportunity to snuggle in with loved ones for a long, cold winter.

I’m thankful for my good health; for my lovely daughter, Morgan; for my kind, generous and loving son, Kenneth and for my beautiful, energetic daughter, Alexandra. They make my life complete.

Oh – and for our four-legged lovies: Balloo, Baghera, Ra, Zo, Sola, Luna, Zeus, Xena, Carbon, Zinc, Lithium and Foster! 

And for all of you, my Great Lakes family.

Carrie – Premedia


I’m thankful for my family and Netflix.

Christina – IT


  • I’m thankful for my 2 fabulous kids and the 5 wonderful grandkids they gave us!
  • I’m grateful for all my family and friends.
  • I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to enjoy some of the beautiful colors this fall.
Cindy – IT


I am thankful for the weather and the changing leaves, to wear sweaters again and snuggle up by a fire. I love the smell and the sound of the leaves blowing in the wind. I am thankful I get to see different seasons although I wish winter was shorter and most of all I am thankful for my rugrats.

Deanna – Accounting


I’m thankful for my awesome Harley Davidson, family, my repaired oven roasted motorcycle boots, my car and Keegan Kosempa.

Glenn – Production


After the first Ebola patient stepped on U.S soil, my family was forced to make some important changes. My older sister works at Case Western University researching Alzheimer disease. She used to take the RTA train to University Circle but was encouraged to drive so she wouldn’t have to be in contact with anybody. It is natural for researchers or healthcare workers to be much more sensitive than other people.

Having only two cars among three people forced me into trying my lifelong dream, bicycling to work. I decided to start out at the halfway point where my sister could drop me off and also have access to a major highway, I-90 East. Though I did not ride the entire 15.3 miles from home to work, I did successfully bicycle 7.3 miles in 33 minutes, burning 600 calories. I can see how this will affect both my health and the environment positively. I still have some time before the weather gets bad and I would like to try bicycling to work as much as possible. The Ebola crisis actually gave me the opportunity to live a different and better lifestyle!!

Joon – IT


I am thankful that I work with such a fun and supportive crew. Especially “The Girls” – couldn’t do it every day without them.

Karen – GLDirect


I am thankful for the men and women that are serving and, have served in the Armed Forces to protect our freedoms.

Kathy – Accounting


I feel like I am always being reminded that life can change in an instant. Those twists and turns in life highlight all the wonderful things I sometimes find myself taking for granted. I feel blessed to have my family, especially my son and the time to spend with them. I am grateful that my family and I are in relatively good health. I feel very fortunate to have a lot of good people in my life. It is in moments of stress and hardship that show me how important good people are and reminds me to always try to be a good person myself. I am thankful that I have a warm place to sleep, a roof over my head and food in my kitchen because there are so many around the world that can’t say the same. I am happy I have the ability to find my silver linings in nearly every scenario. A positive life outlook can change everything. And last but not least, that everything is flavored pumpkin spice in the fall because pumpkin flavored everything makes me extremely happy. 😉

Kim – IT


I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my world, they make life worth wild.

Mandie – Accounting


Fall is my favorite season! I love the way the leaves turn such vibrant colors – all the yellows, oranges, and reds seem almost like fire. The sky is beautiful, especially when the thick clouds look as though a painter painted them. I really love walking outside on nights when it’s clear enough to see many stars, yet just a few patchy clouds partially obstruct the view. It fascinates me that such beauty comes in a season of dying, right before the barrenness of winter.

Then again, there isn’t much about creation that doesn’t fascinate me. The whole universe is so intricate – God must truly be infinitely creative.

I don’t know that there’s anything I’m not thankful for. I’m most thankful for God and His Grace that never runs out and pursues me relentlessly. I’m thankful for my family and being able to be more present with them and spend more time with them lately. I’m thankful for friends that love me unconditionally and go out of their way to help me.  I’m thankful for the way the people at my church – even the ones who hardly know me – care about me and pray for me and help me to do hard things. Which brings me to my concert, which I’m also extremely grateful for. I have so many fears about performing my music, and a woman at my church has graciously done everything she could to make this as easy for me as possible. I’m grateful for the opportunity that picking out songs and working on accompaniments has provided me to look back over the past few years and see what God has done and is doing in my life, and how He’s been Faithful in the midst of some crazy circumstances. I’m grateful for my sponsored kids who materially seem to have so little, yet spiritually have so much. I’m grateful for their sweet letters and all that they teach me about God and life and priorities and love. I’m grateful for changing seasons and pizza and rice cakes and blue skies and green grass and life and breath and . . . yeah, everything. Even the hard stuff. There’s been a lot of that this year, but God has been so Good in the midst of and through all of it, and I am so grateful.

Mary – IT


I’m thankful I have 3 sons that run fast, have great manners, collect lots of halloween candy and bring it home to me & Athena to check to make sure it’s good to eat. I tell them “Yep, this looks good to eat but I should make sure on a couple of pieces!”

Matt – Premedia


I am grateful for all things Orange!! Orange is a color of adventure which inspires and creates enthusiasm. It is optimistic and sociable and suggests affordability. Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Fall Leaves
  • Bonfires
  • Pumpkins
  • Carrots
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Orange Freezes
  • Fireballs
  • My Texas Longhorns jersey (from my days living in Houston)
  • Sunrises and Sunsets
  • Nemo
Michelle – IT


Today, I am particularly thankful for sunny days, starry nights, whomever keeps filling the Halloween candy bowl in the office and my Netflix account.

Morgan – IT


I am thankful for my wonderful staff and The Hobbit.

Robert, aka Gandalf – CTO


I am thankful for my daughter, my health, my truck, Cindy’s homemade grape jelly, and my new puppy Uno.

Sammie – GLDirect Warehouse


Thanksgiving…A time of deep personal introspection, contemplating the world around us, our place amongst our loved ones, and blah blah blah…So- in no particular order-

  • Indoor plumbing
  • Pizza
  • Sunday football
  • Beer
  • White lines on the highway (my nod to the Michael Stanley Band)
  • Spoons
  • Pillows
  • Hair
  • Zippers
  • Batteries
Steve – Warehouse


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