Fulfillment Encompasses Many Facets

When you think fulfillment, what comes to mind?  In a lot of cases, fulfillment means different things to different organizations.  The best way to think of fulfillment is in terms of what physical products or materials your organization needs to manage and distribute to customers and/or prospects.  It just so happens that a lot of fulfillment activities are cumbersome, time consuming and not the best use of an organizations internal resources.

More importantly, if your organization is not properly set up to handle fulfillment, it can negatively affect you bottom-line and take your focus away from growing revenue.  If there are tasks, systems or processes related to getting product or materials to market, and they are causing you to lose time, money and market share; consider partnering with a fulfillment center.  A business that is dedicated to fulfillment can lift the burden and some costs off your organization, not to mention improve your speed to market.

Please take a moment to think of the following activities your organization may be performing internally that may make sense to outsource:

Inventory storage / Inventory management / Secure storage / Order processing / Pick packing / Distributions / Light assembly / Special project work / Kitting / Mailing

If an above service/s potentially make sense for your organization to outsource, and you would like to learn more on how GLI could help; please visit the fulfillment section of GLL.com or feel free to give us a call.

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