Inventory Management Solutions

Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, managing inventory is an essential part of your business operations. Your ability to effectively manage inventory helps determine your opportunities for generating revenue and profits.

Maintaining and storing your inventory on your own can be a hassle, though. You need a space large enough to hold your inventory, a way to keep track of inventory levels, and a way to deliver inventory to stores or sales team members.

The solution? The inventory management services from Great Lakes Integrated.

The Perfect Inventory Management Solution for Your Business

In charge of the warehouse inventoryAt Great Lakes Integrated, we have more than 200,000 square feet dedicated to the systematic storage and management of your materials. Have valuable inventory? Your materials will be safe with our dedicated, secure, video-monitored storage area.

Another benefit to working with us is our central location. Our fulfillment facility is located in Avon Lake, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, which provides you with easy access to many major markets. This also means you can easily ship inventory to your sales team members, stores offices or customers easily and efficiently.

Our Inventory Management Services

It’s important to maintain an accurate inventory count to ensure that you have enough of what you need and to avoid overordering on things you don’t. We offer several services to help you keep an accurate inventory, such as allowing you to have cycle counts done, confirming quantities upon receipt and setting up reorder points.

Allow Great Lakes Integrated to take care of your inventory so you can focus on your core competency. For more information about our inventory management solutions, contact us today.


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