Great Lakes Integrated Receives IDEAlliance G7 Master Qualification

Great Lakes Integrated (GLI) has received the highly sought after G7 Master Qualification for Excellence in printing. Since our inception in 1931, GLI has been an industry leader in print quality, processes and controls.  Now we have coupled our highly skilled people, technologies and equipment with G7 methodology.
The G7 methodology is based on using gray balance to achieve visual similarity across different printing processes and equipment.  The G7 Master Qualification requires printers to meet the highest standards in matching proofs to press and overall excellence in color reproduction.  G7 printers are also noted for their ability to deliver consistent quality on reprints time and time again.

With this qualification, GLI continues its commitment to being one of the best printers in the country.  Our goal is, and has always been, to deliver the highest quality print products to our customer’s each and every time.

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