Is Your Big Data Delivering Big Results?

Having big data is sexy and cool, but just sitting around staring at data won’t do much for you (or your company’s bottom line) if it doesn’t actually deliver results. When you’ve got googly eyes for your significant other, is he/she able to bring it? Or do you get the cold shoulder, the claim that he/she is too tired or has a headache?

You’re looking at all your data. Oh yeah, you’ve got the googly eyes. You are in the mood to make some magic. And you just know that if your big data was up to task, you’d be in heaven.

But those googly eyes may just make you so distracted that you’re failing to see the big picture. And big data is supposed to help you, not distract you. It’s easy to get into the whole “Ooh, shiny!” exhilaration that accompanies having all this data at your fingertips and eyeballs. You want to try this. You want to try that. You want to experiment left and right. But experimenting can be the death knell in your big data relationship. Sure, you don’t want to be “boring” and play it safe. You want to have some fun. But if you try out a little too much, a little too often, you’re going to kill the mood and misuse your big data. And once you get burned by the big data, it’s easy to get scared off from giving it another try later.

Another issue is if your big data just isn’t up for the task. It’s there. It’s ready (supposedly) to go. But if you don’t have the right software to really warm it up and get things going, then you may just be spinning your wheels. You need the platforms in place to help you get the most out of the information you have. This is not time for a limp noodle and your data is only as good as your analysis and usage. You need the information and you need it in a way that can benefit your business. Make sure to evaluate various tools at your disposal and choose what will fit your needs. Don’t just get blinded by what you hear all the other marketers are using.

In the end, if you look at your big data with a healthy amount of love and adoration, without getting sidetracked by the “shininess” of it all, you can make sure that your big data produces the end results that you want and need. A guaranteed smile on your face with great marketing results.

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