Little Boxes That Aren’t Ticky Tacky

Starting December 29, 2014 for UPS, and January 5, 2015 for FedEx, all boxes will be priced by size and weight. For example, if you have a box that is 4”x4”x4” and the product inside doesn’t fill the whole space, you will be charged based on dimensional weight, not the actual weight of the package and its contents. This means you will be charged for unused space in your oversized box. At Great Lakes Integrated, we are prepared for this change and have begun making our own custom sized cardboard boxes.

Let us help you save on your shipments by constructing a box size to fit your needs. Whether you have a Point-Of-Purchase display or a t-shirt promotion to get to hundreds of customers, our on-demand packing solution will create the box you need at a size that will save you money. Our box maker can be tailored to make modifications to the box, such as extra flaps to make your product tighter and more secure. Any excess cardboard from the construction of the box can be used as filler or as corner braces – more savings to pass along to you.

At our warehouse facility in Avon Lake, OH, we have over 200,000 square feet dedicated just to distribution and fulfillment of products for shipments nationally or internationally. By employing our own packaging solution, we are spending 40% less than we would on purchasing premade boxes. Because the boxes are built to the size of the product, we can use up to 50% less void-fill such as air pillows and foam.

To learn more about saving money by utilizing our box maker, please contact Mike Stewart at 216-634-5201 or

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