Marketing Analytics & ROI

In years past, it was not easy to justify ROI in terms of marketing dollars spent. However, in today’s digital age this has all changed. Digital channels and as well as traditional channels, such as print, can be tracked and analyzed to determine performance levels and ROI. Like any other marketing initiative, your ROI is heavily dependent on your front-end data that is utilized to create and develop your marketing initiative/s.

Prior to launching and deploying, determine your goals and objectives for the marketing initiative. Then determine what analytics and information will be best suited to make sure your initiative is on track and ultimately determine your ROI at the end. These analytics will also set up an environment to allow for testing of different approaches within a given initiative. Testing is a great way to see what works best, which allows you to make overall changes for maximum returns. When all is said and done, review the analytics as a whole to easily determine your ROI.

If you would like to learn more about the analytics available to you or how you can start to utilize analytics in your marketing initiatives, please reach out to your GLI Account Executive. If you do not have an Account Executive please call 216-634-5117 or email to

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