Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a term being thrown around a lot today. In and of itself, marketing automation can cover a broad scope of activities and/or actions. However, the complexity in how it is explained can lead people to believe there is no way they could accomplish it, or that it is not a good fit for their communications programs. Like other marketing tools and options, there are areas this discipline fits and there are areas it does not.

To put marketing automation in simple terms, think of it as an automatic response that occurs, with the help of technology, to a specific action that a person takes to your communication. For example, if a person clicks on a link or visits a landing page an, automatic email can go to that person immediately or a physical piece of collateral can be sent from a fulfillment center. The possibilities are endless, but the key is that you can generate leads or nurture current customers by employing marketing automation. Take initial follow up off the plate of sales people or marketers until the time is appropriate to set a meeting or make a phone call. This process insures critical follow up is taking place from the beginning and leads to greater success overall. If you would like to know more about marketing automation and determine if there is a fit with your organization please do not hesitate to contact GLI.

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