Project and Campaign Implementation and Management

All of the heavy lifting is done or so you think. When it comes time to produce or implement a particular piece of media or a complex multi-channel campaign Great Lakes can get the ball rolling and make sure it stays in play. Utilizing our extensive resources we can easily produce, distribute and make appropriate adjustments to optimize your efforts.

Great Lakes plans projects starting with the end in mind.  We think through the distribution and end purpose of the media and work backwards from there.  With this approach we can plan and implement projects accordingly and determine based on media type how to best create, produce, package and deliver. Once distribution and end purpose are covered we can foresee any special requirements for getting your message into the right hands most efficiently and with greatest impact. Our highly experienced marketing professionals continually value engineer and offer recommendations on how to get the most out of your marketing dollars and media.

Your project or campaign is now launched! Depend on Great Lakes to manage the entire life cycle of the project or campaign and provide you with critical data needed to assess and make informed decisions.

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