Digital Asset & Document Management Tool

DocumentAs a content creator and manager, you need to be able to efficiently access, manage and edit logos, images, audio files, video files, ads and text documents.

This is why, at Great Lakes Integrated, we built a dynamic asset and document management system that acts as both an internal and external workflow tool.

Everything You Need in Online Digital Asset Management Software

In addition to being able to access and manage your documents, you also need to be able to update existing work and quickly find assets to create new materials.

With our asset management software, you can also share your materials with local affiliates, providing them with the tools needed to market themselves effectively. These local customers can easily access ads, web banners, video and audio files, but will not be able to change or edit the materials within the system.

This valuable tool gives you control over your materials, but still allows you to easily share them with local consumers.

The Complete Package

Unlike other digital asset management companies, we offer much more than just digital asset management software that will help you with your business and marketing efforts. We have several marketing tools available to fit any need you may have, including:

Regions We Serve

Centrally located in Northeast Ohio, Great Lakes Integrated serves the Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Toledo and Youngstown areas, but we also work with clients all over the country.

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