Web-to-Print Tool

The power of corporate or national based marketing materials for all! Great Lakes’ web-to-print tool allows you to place great marketing materials Online so those in the field can access, customize (if applicable), procure and distribute properly branded printed collateral for themselves. Our technology even allows mailing lists to be uploaded and then processed for materials that need to mail. This tool creates an environment for truly personalized and one to one marketing at the local level, but also drives print costs down through our group runs and national buying programs, which integrate with this technology. When you couple the cost savings with the efficiency in which event and day to day marketing materials can be created, produced and distributed you win all the way around.

Aside from saving money, saving time and giving local stakeholders what they need to be successful this web-to-print tool protects your brand. Only approved marketing materials make it onto the site for use, which lessen the likelihood that people will go out and create their own materials that could potentially be off brand.

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