AKSESS Contact and Media Management

It’s powerful and can really turn heads.

AKSESS, Great Lakes’ unique and powerful marketing and media management communications tool, puts you in complete control. This powerful web-based application, which utilizes PageFlex technology as only one of its many features, enables you to manage every aspect of your marketing initiatives and collateral in a permission-based environment. AKSESS allows authorized users throughout your organization to retrieve files, customize campaigns, print on demand, order and deliver all from their desktops. And that’s only for starters!

Real time reporting functions; campaign management tools; digital and physical asset management capabilities; and inventory management, ordering and tracking round out the incredible power that AKSESS places at your fingertips. Take it for a test drive today!

A Brand Management Tool: Empower Your Staff

AKSESS empowers your staff, distributors and off-site personnel – across town or around the globe – to create communication materials with the same high level of brand integrity, design consistency and quality they would get with materials produced directly from the corporate office. This brand management tool helps protect and promote your brand – your most valuable asset.

A Document Manager Tool: Unmatched Organization

AKSESS enables you to take control of your warehoused communications materials, printed pieces, promotional packages and kit components all online. Users can pre-order, warehouse and request materials right from their desktop. This document management tool provides you with unmatched organization and material management capabilities.

A Digital Asset Manager: Empower Users Worldwide

This digital asset management tool allows Great Lakes customers to save digital assets to a central location and empower authorized users worldwide to retrieve photos, logos, illustrations, text files, templates, audio/video clips – all the elements for creating brand-compliant materials.

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