The American Diabetes Association is a multifaceted organization leading the fight against diabetes and providing support to those affected by the disease. The Association funds research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes, plus they provide services, information and a voice to those with diabetes.


The American Diabetes Association is comprised of over 90 local offices and a large portion of the money raised to fight diabetes occurs at the local level. The local offices needed a user-friendly tool to customize, procure and distribute event/cause related materials. This material includes ads, videos and printed materials. From the perspective of the national office they needed a solution that would add greater efficiency, provide cost savings and also provide brand protection for the national level event/cause marketing programs.


Great Lakes Integrated (GLI) combined a technology platform, commercial print capabilities and fulfillment services to provide a complete and centralized solution for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). GLI provided a web-based marketing portal for the national office of ADA giving them a centralized tool, which the local offices utilize for gathering, customizing, mailing and distributing the materials to successfully market their local events/causes.

This web-based solution enabled the national office to obtain the brand and message protection they wanted, but satisfied the local offices by allowing customization of materials to create a truly regionalized and personalized marketing approach. The web-based marketing portal also reduced the production time and cost of materials significantly with materials being on-demand – instantly ready for production and distribution. GLI was able to provide cost savings through combination printing; production is more efficient and the cost per piece is reduced.

The local offices can get what they need and how they need it – 24/7. Our technology, supported by GLI production and distribution capabilities made this the perfect solution for ADA. This solution provides the necessary products and services to ensure ADA’s success. The ADA and GLI partnership continues to develop; implementing new and exciting solutions to help achieve ADA’s mission. Together, we are building a better way to spread the message on a national and local level.

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