The recruitment program at John Carroll University (JCU) needed to capture the attention of high school students who were being inundated with information from colleges and universities nationwide.

GLI partnered with John Carroll University to develop an integrated marketing strategy to communicate with prospective students and ultimately attract new students.

The University’s new Vice President of Enrollment brought a fresh perspective to the recruitment process and wanted to do something cutting edge. GLI was retained and asked to sit in on strategy meetings for the campaign. John Carroll leaders wanted the ability to customize the communications and tailor each piece to individual students. They wanted to develop a campaign with multiple connection opportunities and the ability to track results.


John Carroll developed a multifaceted campaign targeting a slightly different student demographic. GLI helped the University develop a comprehensive targeted list. The team selected a young talented designer to give them a fresh new look. The new look included more white space and a ‘block’ concept which gave each piece a recognizable look and feel. JCU staff wrote all the copy and worked in partnership with GLI to develop the concept and strategy behind each piece.

The first point of contact was an e-mail that went out to thousands of High School students. The email asked each prospect to look for upcoming information in the mail that would provide them with a link to a personalized URL or PURL. A PURL is a customized web page which JCU designed for each individual target.

Step two was an 85,000 piece direct mail marketing effort that included a link to each potential student’s PURL (personalized URL). These microsites consisted of four pages:

  1. A Welcome letter
  2. Verification of information page
  3. A JCU information page with links to:
    • On-campus interviews
    • A campus tour
    • A look at Cleveland, and much more
  4. A Thank you page

The reporting was sent to JCU on a weekly basis as requested. GLI was able to let JCU know when each piece arrived, whether it was opened, the click through rate, and also when the numbers started to fall off. At this point, we sent out an additional email for follow up to those who did not continue through the site or did not use the PURL. This resulted a new surge in campaign activity.

From the micro-site students could request the ‘Affordability Packet.’ If they made that request, GLI would then send out a personalized letter, with the Affordability brochure and envelope.

At this point, GLI provided the names of those students to JCU for follow up. The campaign was hands-off for JCU until the interested students’ names were turned over. GLI handled everything from concept, to post office, from data reporting to fulfillment – making this project as successful and simple as possible for John Carroll.


“The program was so cost effective that if just one potential student registered and stayed for four years than the campaign costs were more than covered.” This integrated campaign was also used for an alumni request for potential students. If alumni recommended that a piece be sent out to a potential student, it started the process of the campaign all over using the existing set up. This multi-faceted use of the campaign helped make the program even more cost effective.

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