According to Wikipedia “A partnership is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.”  While this definition is accurate it only scratches the surface.  In the truest sense there are a lot of businesses that enter into a partnership with their customers, but the level at which they do so varies greatly.

A company’s culture, top leadership and all its employees play a large role in the level of partnership a company achieves with its customers.  This post may come off as a marketing message for Great Lakes, but that is not the intent.  The intent is to thank our customers for the great relationships and partnerships we share.  We have partnerships that go back sixty plus years and still continue to evolve and grow.

As a family owned business for 82 years a lot has changed.  However, our dedication to our customers and our customer’s dedication to us has been unwavering.  Since our inception our morals, our ethics and our desire to help and do right by our customers is what guides us.  The many partnerships we have formed over the years are what matter most to us.

Great Lakes would sincerely like to thank our customers for allowing us to serve your marketing needs.  These partnerships make doing business much more rewarding and enjoyable, so again thank you.

Thank You

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