Paul Doerfler Hired As New Vice President of Sales

We are pleased to announce Paul Doerfler as our new Vice President of Sales.

As VP of Sales, Paul will be the leader of our sales force and responsible for building a high-performance selling culture where candor, ambition, trustworthiness, and integrity are central values. In addition, Paul will be developing a common vision that inspires the salespeople to extraordinary performance. This will be achieved through design, implementation and management of the processes used to identify and service new market opportunities with new and existing customers.

Paul was educated at the University of Michigan, holds a BBA, has been certified in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Business Process Improvement, Systems Thinking, Quality Systems (ISO 9002), HIPAA, Sustainability and is proficient with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

Paul’s skills have contributed to several Fortune 500 organizations and include, but are not limited to; sales force effectiveness, supply chain optimization, multi-channel marketing and customer service.

He has also worked with organizations in several varied industries, including pharmaceuticals, financial services, publishing and health care management. He implemented strategic planning, sales operations and growth plus ISO quality system deployment, to name a few.

Paul and his wife Lynn have three young adult sons. Paul enjoys golf, reading, handyman projects and his onetime piloting of a L-139 tactical strike fighter.

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