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While the art and science of commercial printing has evolved significantly since our founding in the 1930’s, print remains one of the most effective communication tools you can have in your marketing arsenal.

Print materials provide a physical copy of information that consumers can refer to later, which comes in handy especially at trade shows and conferences. Statistics reveal that 56 percent of customers find print to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.

In addition to being a successful marketing technique on its own, print also plays an integral role in any multi-channel marketing campaign. Adding printed materials to your campaign can help support your other marketing efforts. In fact, 44 percent of consumers visit a brand’s website after receiving printed materials in the mail.

Unlike other litho and digital printing companies, Great Lakes Integrated has the technology, capabilities and skills to assist you with any of your commercial printing needs.

Our Commercial Printing Services

At Great Lakes Integrated, we specialize in a variety of printing services, ranging from traditional printing techniques to unique print capabilities such as MetalFX® or Hexachrome®.

Combined with the advanced skills of our talented operators, we are able to provide the most technologically advanced lineup of commercial print services on the market, making Great Lakes Integrated a true step above other litho printing and digital printing companies.

Those services include:

  • Premedia – With the most complete software libraries and color management systems on the market, our prepress technology will help you prep any project.
  • Variable Data Printing – Our variable data printing allows you to utilize endless customization and personalization options.

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