The key to any project’s success is preparation and execution.

Whether you need brochures for a rebranding effort or trade show signage for a product launch, with Great Lakes Integrated’s premedia services, we can help you all the way from project conception to the finish printed materials.

pre-mediaPremedia encompasses the processes and procedures that occur between the original artwork’s conception and the final product. And with Great Lakes Integrated, you know you will receive high-quality materials every time from start to finish.

Our Premedia Solutions

Great Lakes Integrated has been a leader in commercial printing since our founding in the 1930s, as we always remain on the cutting edge of print technology.

We were one of the first companies to adopt full color management and remain a leader in color technology today. Our pressroom also prints to ISO standards, measures to which G7 and Gracol both comply.

We have the latest technology available for digital pre-press services, including the most complete software libraries and color management systems on the market. All of our pre-press technology is custom-calibrated to our presses so the color you view on a proof is the color you will see on your printed job every single time.

At Great Lakes Integrated, we strive to make client registration and the entire premedia process as simple as possible so that working with us is always easy and efficient. Simply upload your files using our upload/download utility and we will handle the rest.

Highlights of Our Premedia Services

  • Digital Pre-Press
  • Computer-to-Plate Technology
  • Image Scanning and Retouching
  • Expert Color Correction
  • Mac and PC Platforms Supported
  • Digital Proofing Technology
  • Soft and Remote Proofing Technology

To learn more about our premedia services, and what we can accomplish for your company, contact Great Lakes Integrated today.

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