Reasons to Create Your Own Content

The internet is absolutely full of content. Articles, videos, pictures, interviews, podcasts, blogs, you name it. This influx of material is exactly why your company should create its own content. Tailor content to match the mission of your organization and create literature and multimedia that draws people to learn more about what you and your company have to offer.

Having an organized and effective social media platform requires new content on a regular basis. To regularly upkeep with your tweeting and Facebook status updates, you will need new articles and links. One sustainable source of content is a company blog. Having a few staff members write blogs on a regular basis not only increases search engine effectiveness, it also becomes content that can be promoted on all company channels.

Send out a tweet saying there is a new blog up on the website, and do the same with a Facebook status. For even more klout, make a blog post complete with a YouTube video that you film right in your office. Now you are integrating your company YouTube channel into your blog as well. Videos are always going to be more captivating than words on a page. And it can be great content to recycle for later blog posts.

There is nothing wrong with recycling content.  Another way to improve your visibility is to link up your old blog posts with new ones.  Keep the revolving door of your own productions turning. Linking out to external sites is great, but ultimately you are trying to get people to stay on your site.

Also, you can use your content to fill more needs. Create content that is directly targeting certain industries. Your sales reps can then take the content created by your writers and show it directly to potential clients. Show the benefits and strengths of your products and services to curious businesses. Also, your content can be used by your PR or marketing departments to send off to relevant magazines, further expanding your reach.

And in simpler terms, creating high quality content will get viewers to return. Write thoughtful, creative blogs and add some personality to your Twitter and Facebook Page. Be proud of what your name is on, but avoid shameless promotion.

Having a thorough content library will only make your life easier in the future. Be able to package and redistribute what you have created and use it in the future to increase your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website. Use social media as the vehicle to spread the good word of your company’s efforts.

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