Special Techniques to Set Your Traditional Print Project Apart!

It’s astounding; you can feed a blank sheet of paper through one end of the press and then have a complete work of art come out the other end. The technology and craftsmanship to make this happen is nothing short of amazing. Everything needs to be just right from the chemistry and inks through to the pressure of the rollers.

There is no other media that engages people like print and GLI has the ability to provide a number of special effects to help your printed material stand out.

GLI has the ability to print a dull migrating varnish process. This process allows certain areas of the sheet to have a dull varnish applied. Then at the end of the press we place an overall gloss aqueous on the sheet. The aqueous is not apparent where the dull varnish is and becomes pronounced where the varnish is not. This technique provides a nice contrast between dull and gloss areas and is an economical way to do so.

Another technique GLI can perform is Hexachrome. Hexachrome allows for an expanded color gamut and works great in the reproduction of certain pastels and also provides more vibrancy and brightness for other colors such as oranges and greens.
The last technique to touch on is MetalFX. MetalFX is a dynamic process that allows you to print a broad range of metallic colors through the use of special software and a special metallic ink base coat. This opens up the possibilities to produce 4-color process art and any number of metallic colors and tones on the same sheet in one pass on the press.

Print truly can give your brand the impact it deserves and GLI has been producing award winning print for 85 years. If you would like to learn more about the techniques mentioned above or discuss a project, please reach out to your account executive or call Jason Schultz at 216.634.5117.

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