Unresolved Challenges

As we head into the new year we all have challenges we would like to solve. Great Lakes Integrated (GLI) has evolved from a commercial printing company into a multi-channel marketing execution company by listening to our customers’ challenges over the years and developing solutions.

While litho, digital and large format printing still remain a large part of what we do there is so much more to GLI today. Software in the form of marketing storefronts and inventory management sites has revolutionized the way our customers do business from concept through production and distribution. Couple GLI’s technological abilities, fulfillment services and the ability to produce and distribute both traditional and digital media and it gives GLI the unique ability to develop custom solutions for your organization.

If there is something that is a thorn in your side and/or your organizations side we invite you to contact your GLI account executive. Your account executive will assemble a team of GLI’s professionals to work on a solution for you. If you do not have an account executive, please contact Jason Schultz at 216-634-5117 or jjschultz@gll.com

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