What Impression Do You Send With Inconsistent Company Colors?

Fifty shades might make things interesting, but color accuracy and consistency are essential for your printed materials. By having accurate and consistent colors across printing pieces, you’re letting your customers know that attention to detail and the proper representation of your products are of the utmost importance to you. The need for color accuracy and consistency especially holds true when you are selling a product that is purchased based on the color, finish or shade, such as paint and other home products, etc.

At Great Lakes Integrated, color accuracy and consistency is a passion stemming back to our founding in 1931. We take pride in the fact that we have the highly sought after G7 Master Qualification for Excellence in printing. It is based on using gray balance to achieve visual similarity across different printing processes and equipment. The G7 Master Qualification requires printers to meet the highest standards in matching proofs to press and overall excellence in color reproduction. G7 printers are also noted for their ability to deliver consistent quality on reprints time and time again.

Great Lakes also has an absolutely amazing Color Systems Manager who understands color theory and is a Certified G7 Master. This gentleman has been with Great Lakes for over 25 years, and to say he understands and knows color is an understatement.

To learn more about the G7 certification or how GLI can help you achieve that perfect color match please reach out to your GLI Account Executive. If you do not have an account executive please call 216-634-5117 or email jjschultz@gll.com

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