Why You Need Cleveland, Ohio Fulfillment Services

There are many reasons why businesses decide to consider fulfillment services, but, for the most part, companies are looking for a place to help them with the storage and distribution of their materials.

At Great Lakes Integrated, we offer so much more than just a space to store your goods and marketing materials. Dedicated to providing complete marketing support services, we specialize in fulfillment, distribution, promotional kitting and more.

With a 200,000-square-foot facility and a staff full of industry professionals, we have the knowledge and technology to become an extension of your own marketing efforts.

We also offer an inventory management tool to help you stay organized and keep in contact with your sales team and other marketing affiliates. This allows us to help you coordinate and execute your marketing plan from start to finish.

Why Choose Fulfillment in Cleveland?

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Great Lakes Integrated provides the perfect central location for your marketing efforts. Cleveland serves as a central hub of several major markets including Columbus, Pittsburgh, Toledo and Youngstown.

By choosing our Cleveland fulfillment services, you will have easier access to these markets and can distribute your marketing materials more efficiently to your sales team members or affiliates.

How Does It Help?

Fulfillment can save your company both time and money, as many of our clients have learned in the past.

For example, Moen Incorporated, one of the world’s largest producers of residential and commercial plumbing products, was able to learn the value of our fulfillment services and reports saving nearly $250,000 a year as a result.

Want to learn how our Cleveland, Ohio fulfillment services can help you? Contact us today to request more information.

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