About Us

About Us

Ever-changing with dedication to our customers and the marketing community. For over 80 years Great Lakes Integrated has refused to sit still. While still dedicated and second to none in traditional means of marketing Great Lakes has diversified through value added products and services to give our customers an edge in both the traditional and digital marketing space.

Whether you engage us at the beginning to help create your marketing strategy or simply need us to print and mail a postcard for you we are here to help. Our people, our technology and our ability to produce mobile, email, web and print media come together to deliver exceptional results!

Lean on us from beginning to end or anywhere in between, because we are here to help you achieve your marketing initiatives. Over our 82 year history we have gathered the right people, technology, products and services to deliver marketing success in an ever changing landscape. We strive to gain a thorough understanding of our customers businesses and objectives then implement the proper solutions.

We deliver success through the following areas of expertise:

  • Marketing Services
  • Online Marketing Tools
  • Production and Distribution of Mobile, Web, Email and Print Media
  • Fulfillment & Mailing